For over a decade, I have had the true gift of experiencing education from a range of perspectives in New York City and throughout the world–as an educator, consultant, professor, and dad.  More than ever, I’m convinced that when it comes to public education in the United States, we’re not even having the right conversations.  Too often, we talk about education as if it’s a right (in fact, it is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution), as if there are clear correct ways to teach and learn (there are some, but they tend to be undermined by political agendas), and as if equitable education is just a matter of having proper standards, curricula, and tests (the research is clear that educational equity is less a matter of academics than we want to think).  These things are not new–they are a part of our history, research, and culture–yet they are too widely unknown.

In an effort to help teachers, parents, policymakers, and researchers have quicker access to the rich history and culture of education, I am devoting my web and social media efforts to a project I call Gradgrind’s.  Gradgrind’s is a website on which I curate all the interesting stuff I have read, heard, and viewed about education.  Stuff everyone should know.  I’m building it not just to present, but also to converse.  Please check out Gradgrind’s now.  Share it around.  And thank you for your interest in my work.tom-sig



WeTeachNYC, a web site, resource repository, & LMS for NYC’s 80,000 teachers and administrators. I conceptualized the project, secured nearly $7M in funding, and supported all aspects of product development and team-building.

gradgrinds-new-banner2Gradgrind’s is my latest passion project, an initiative to bring the history, culture, and research of American education to as broad an audience as possible. It includes the website, social media presence, and weekly newsletters.

iLearnNYC, an enterprise-level portal & marketplace of online course providers integrated with NYC systems. I served as manager and then director of implementation, supervising a team of 10 implementation managers and coordinating efforts across city technical teams, private technology companies, and city school officials.  
babble-lab-logoBabble Lab, a center for digtial humanities pedagogy and research that seeks to spread methods for integrating computational techniques into K-12 and undergraduate humanities study. My colleague and I secured seed money for initial launch and are actively building its brand, program, and seeking further funding.