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Coding/Learning Seminar in Bristol, UK


I had the absolute pleasure of learning from colleagues in the UK this past week as part of the Code/Learning Seminar Series hosted by the University of Bristol.  All from a variety of topical, theoretical, and methodological perspectives, the organizers and participants taught me a great deal about how others are researching the role of software in education.   They’re collegiality and …

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The Circuit Monster

Circuit Monster Featured

We knew what we wanted to do: take apart an iPhone.  It was a Saturday and my son Declan and I had hours all to ourselves. As many families today, we have old computer gear and smartphones hanging around the apartment.  Though my wife and I value the importance recycling or donating them, we continue to stack old devices up in …

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Presentation: Global Capacities Summer Institute at Teachers College


What a pleasure to present today to a group of Chinese teacher educators, visiting the Center for the Professional Development of Teachers (CPET) at Teachers College, Columbia University as part of a cross-cultural exchange.  I am grateful for their presence and energy.  谢谢 Below is the presentation I shared and strayed from with the best of intentions: Photo credit: Danh …

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3X3s: Students Respond to Readings with Screencasts


In an online course I’m teaching, I wanted to create a way for students to engage with collections of readings and respond in a manner that allowed me to assess their understanding while not drowning in constant discussion posts.  My solution is called a 3X3. Here is how I described the assignment (which recur throughout the course) to students: After …

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Great Ed Tech Flops: A Timeline


Here’s a great timeline created by the creative folks at Medium–a perfect visual to complement my recent post on the history and future of ed tech investments. Image from Medium/Bright You might also like: On History Repeating Itself in Ed Tech [link to Medium] Tech Fails in Education Tweed Effect Dissertation Trailer Really Thank a Teacher

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On History Repeating Itself in Ed Tech [link to Medium]


Read my analysis about recent investments in educational technology, and whether it is worth it at all. You might also like: Great Ed Tech Flops: A Timeline Surprising Lesson Learned from MOOCs [link] A 5 Minute History of How Education Has Come to THIS A Short History of Students as Data

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What do you do with English Education researchers visiting NYC? Take them on a literary pub crawl.


What a pleasure to see fellow educational researchers on my home turf.  We visited four literary pubs: Old Town (Billy Collins), Pete’s Tavern (O. Henry), White Horse (Dylan Thomas), and Kettle of Fish (Jack Kerouac). Good times had by all! You might also like: A 5 Minute History of How Education Has Come to THIS A Lesson for Gov. Cuomo …

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CEE 2015 Presentation Materials

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.19.02 AM

Always an honor and pleasure to share one’s work and thinking with colleagues.  Below are links to some of the materials from the Conference on English Education at Fordham University this summer. Using Data Visualization to Teach (the Teaching of) Content Area Literacy [handout link] Befriending the Machine: The historical and future impact of technology on large-scale writing assessment [presentation …

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Four Words in Frederick Douglass’s Fourth of July Speech


This past weekend, a friend of mine insisted that we watch a reading of Frederick Douglass’s Fourth of July speech.  I’m so glad he did.  What a powerful reminder of how far we have to go as a nation.  As a response, I created this data visualization of the frequency of the four most frequently used words in the speech: …

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Georgia on the Mind


University of Georgia education professor Peter Smagorinsky published this insightful commentary on the state’s assessment practices.  Here’s a highlight: Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman poet Juvenal posed the question, Quis custodiet ipros custodes?, or Who will watch the watchers? The problem and challenge of making the authorities accountable remains today. In rushing untested policies into practice without providing the resources …

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Wait, Common Core Tests Aren’t Scored by Educators? [link]

Screen shot 2012-08-24 at 12.54.17 PM

You might also like: Common Scores On History Repeating Itself in Ed Tech [link to Medium] How Teachers Should Respond to Tests, 1988 5 Satirists Who Educated the Public about Education

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A Look Inside the New Book

Books Dancing

Thanks to Google Books, you can check out quite a bit of my new book, The Hidden Role of Software in Educational Research: Policy to Practice.  Take a scroll. You might also like: My First Book is Out! Book Review: Software Takes Command How to Do New Literatures On History Repeating Itself in Ed Tech [link to Medium]

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Surprising Lesson Learned from MOOCs [link]


From a recent Atlantic article: MOOCs have since lost their hype, undergoing flameouts and suffering from poor participation and competency rates. A University of Pennsylvania study of 1 million MOOC users who participated in 16 of the school’s Coursera classes, for example, found that only about half of the registrants viewed even a single online lecture and that the average …

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My First Book is Out!


I’m proud to share that my first book has been published by Routledge.  It is a sustained analysis of the role of technology in educational research, policy, and practice.  In it, I weave anecdotes from my experiences working with technology as a teacher, district official, consultant, and researcher with reviews of research, putting forth a critical framework that replaces “technology” with “software.” …

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Personalized Learning, 1954

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.45.20 PM

This video of Harvard’s B.F. Skinner demonstrating the merits of  “teaching machines” is haunting: the same promises and phrases he offers are still very much in vogue today.  Sigh. You might also like: Video for Nothing? Questioning the Value of Video in Online Learning [link] “Personalized” Learning in 1922 5 Satirists Who Educated the Public about Education Common Scores

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