Why Does Bandwidth Lag So Much in NYC Schools?

It is just one of many New York City public schools housed in an older building that’s ill-equipped for the modern computer age. Mayor Bill de Blasio has built on his predecessor’s efforts to adapt curricula and career-training opportunities to fast-growing industries such as telecommunications and computer technology.

But it’s hard to make progress when students and faculty can’t access online content. Brooklyn Tech and Bronx High School of Science instructors told WNYC they’re using the Internet more, but not as much as they wanted. Too often limited bandwidth led to lost instructional time while students wait for YouTube videos and Google Docs to load, they said.

A spokesman for the Department of Education said that between now and 2019, the city would invest $650 million to upgrade technology, including increased bandwidth.

Source: Limited Bandwidth Slows Efforts to Make Students Tech Savvy – WNYC

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