Back When They Sold Tonics to Cure Teachers’ “Mental and Nervous Exhaustion”


You know, sometimes you come across an old advertisement that you can’t believe is real.  Yet here it is from the Journal of Education, July 4th 1895.  It reads:

A Tonic for Brain-Workers, the Weak and Debilitated.

Horsford’s Acid Phosphate is, without exception, the Best Remedy for relieving Mental and Nervous Exhaustion; and where the system has become debilitated by disease, it acts as a general tonic and vitalizer, affording sustenance to both brain and body.

Dr. E. Cornell Esten, Philadelphia PA, says: “I have met with the greatest and most satisfactory results in dyspepsia and general derangement of the cerebral and nervous systems, causing debility and exhaustion.

Descriptive pamphlet free.

Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, RI

Beware of Substitutes and Imitations.

Who would dare imitate good ol’ Horsford’s  Acid Phosphate?

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