Bots in British Lit Class: Watch How a High School Teacher in Georgia Does It

Really proud of this teacher's work

Last year, I posted about a series of projects for integrating computer science into the English classroom. (A group of us meet online if you want to join in.) One of those projects, spawned with my Pace colleague Dr. Gerald Ardito, was called BardBots. In BardBots, students are challenged to do a close reading of a scene from Shakespeare, interpret how it would be performed on stage, and then program robots to perform it.

You can only imagine how honored I was one day to get an email from Pam Amendola in Gwinnett County Public Schools, 40 minutes outside Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Amendola had taken the ideas behind BardBots and made them her own.  The result is a wickedly smart curriculum and a compelling proof of concept for what this CS4ELA work can be.  Just check out her video. A+, Ms. Amendola!  Please share more. 🙂

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