Room7: the Consortium of Refugee Coding Schools I’m Helping Establish

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For over a year, I have been quietly helping establish a consortium of about a dozen coding schools throughout Europe and the Middle East. Together with my friend Josephine Goube of Techfugees, we presented last month at UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week. It’s phenomenal work and is poised to grow in the coming years. Here’s  how we got started.

Room 7 is a consortium of over a dozen coding schools across Europe and the Middle East committed to helping displaced peoples create community, learn new skills, and build a new lives. The idea for Room 7 emerged in March 2017 at UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week in Paris. During this session, a new wave of coding schools came together to empower refugees in rebuilding their lives through access, skills, and utilization of technology. Participants expressed a desire to coordinate their efforts, to share knowledge, and to leverage a consortium model to bolster long-term funding.

The session took place in Meeting Room #7.

Learn more about Room7 on our website.

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