I Can’t Put Down this Book on Why We Should Sue Schools into Teaching Civics Education. Seriously.

Every teacher and parent (at least!) should read this.

If you’ve seen my States of Education map, you know the story: in the United States, education is mentioned nowhere in the federal Constitution. Instead, education is articulated in fifty different state constitutions. As a result, there’s no coherence as the the purpose of public education. In contrast, most other nations to whom we are compared have a national definition that ensures consistency nationwide. 

In this new book, education policy and law professor Michael Rebell makes the case for civics education as a (if not the) primary responsibility of public schools in the United States. In Flunking Democracy: Schools, Courts, and Civic Participation, he makes a thorough and fascinating argument that, even though the Founders refrained from explicitly referring to education the the Constitution, a long history of other court rulings shows without doubt that schools have a primary responsibility to prepare children to participate in civic life. Rebell does so in a voice that is authoritative, nonpartisan, and accessible.  

I highly recommend it. 

Note: If you want to buy one, get it here to support Gradgrind’s. 😉

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