Knife Meets Life: Jamie Oliver Made a Video with Philosopher Alain de Botton and it Cooks

So much to learn from this.

When I majored in philosophy as an undergraduate, I couldn’t have explained then what drew me to the subject. I just knew I loved that there was a space where people could sit together and explore ideas deeply. Just ideas. As I’ve grown older, I think what really attracted me was the gathering of people, not just the intrigue of the ideas.  I feel similarly about cooking for friends and family. (I almost wrote something about “cooking with ideas,” but just couldn’t bring myself to do so.) You can imagine that when I saw this video from the School of Life with Jamie Oliver and Alain de Botton I stopped everything I was doing. I’m not saying you need to stop everything. But giving it a watch on a blue day might just restore your faith in humanity for 7 minutes.

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