How to Boost Test Scores Without Changing Standards, Curricula, or Tests


Let’s make a bet. I bet we can see impressive increases in achievement scores without touching academics. I’m not saying that the standards or testing regimen currently in place doesn’t need a thorough overhaul. But, for sake of argument, leave them just as they are. Instead, let’s remember that children’s minds are inseparable from their bodies. Let’s remember that when adults like ourselves eat the wrong foods or drink the wrong drinks we too lose our edge. Things like attention span, patience, and creativity suffer.

I bet that if we had a concerted education reform effort to radically improve the quality of food and drink children put into their bodies, you would see test scores go up. More than that, eating better and learning improved eating habits might well translate into out-of-school time as well. The result? We might see improvements not just in the quality of learning, but also in the kinds of preventable diseases that plague our healthcare system.

Not convinced? You should watch former White House chef Sam Kass speak on the issue. He’ll convince you.

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