Best Education Writing 2018

It’s that time of year when bookstores teem with stacks of Best books. You know: Best Science Writing, Best Food Writing, Best Essays, Best Best Ofs.

But you don’t see a Best Education Writing 2018 book.

Let’s change that. Right now. Here’s how it works: Nominate, Vote, Celebrate.


From November 1 – 23 you can share your nominations for Best Education Writing at All submissions will be ranked according to the number times an individual piece was nominated. You can nominate as many pieces as often as you want (i.e. features from magazines, in-depth reporting, beautifully written research–not full length books, but sections if they are publicly accessible). Use the following criteria to select your nominations:

  1. Timeliness. How relevant the topic is. To what extent does the writing address a timely issue in education? Is it about something we see in the news or here about in the hallways?  
  2. Informative. The content presented is a mix of both the familiar and the novel. How well does the author draw on readers’ familiarity with education? How does the writer fill in gaps or misunderstandings? What moves does the author make to introduce new research or ways of thinking?  
  3. Craft. The overall quality of the writing. Is the text engaging? Descriptive? Does the author have voice or give voice to the subjects of the piece? Does the author make you care more deeply than you expected?


Beginning November 24th, you will see the top 20 nominated publications and can vote on your top 5 at


On December 6th, Gradgrind’s will announce the top 5 Best of Education Writing 2018, with additional details about why the public voted for them as well as runners up.

Ready to do this? Share this around to educators, parents, professors, and students. Then let the nominations….BEGIN!

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