Heartbreaking Glimpse Inside Detroit’s Schools

Detroit Public Schools have become a powerful cautionary tale for many in education.  The idea that a major school system could fall this swiftly into such dramatic disrepair merits pause.  Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, promoted policies that significantly contributed to the downfall of this public school system.  When public schooling is seen as a missed commercial opportunity, public schools starved of funding, and then alternative semi- and non-public options promoted, you get Detroit.  To be clear, choice is often used as code for privatizing education.  And when public funding is used for semi- and non-public school options, the public usually loses the transparency and accountability to which they are entitled and children deserve.  (Check out this book by Sam Abrams for a fantastically thorough account.)  In this video by The Atlantic, we get a visual look at part of Detroit’s of the story.

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