7 Holiday Advertisements for 19th Century Teachers That Will Make You Smile

Checking it twice....

Holidays are times to look back and reflect on all that is good in the world.  In between reading holiday cards, try sifting through old education news and journals.  You’ll be sure to find some hidden gems–like this article about a teacher suspended for giving birth–or like these seven ads from a 19th century teaching journal out of Boston.  Enjoy!

Webster’s Dictionary was all the rage back in the day. Especially during the holidays.


Need a pencil sharpener? Try this one.


Build words and count money. 19th century manipulatives are in.


Not sure exactly what this is. I think it’s a paper advertisement. But the baby in a basket is, well, speaks for itself.


Can’t get enough textbooks…for the holidays.


I’m strangely drawn to the idea of ordering pens over the mail.


Excellent indeed. I’ll take wood working.
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