Forget Audible. HiBooks is Like Netflix for Audiobook Lovers

All signed up.

UPDATE: HiBooks has since changed their pricing model and I canceled my service. Still, they are worth keeping an eye on. -TLL

Listening to audiobooks is increasing in popularity. There are some great free options, but if you want more current reading you have to subscribe. Audible has the largest catalog by far, but it ends up being $15 per month for a single book. After that, you pay a premium for reads. But now there’s HiBooks. I’m loving it. You pay $9.99 per month and can listen (online and offline) to as many books as you want.

As. Many. Books. As. You. Want.

Remember, the catalog is smaller than Audible, but it’s very good and will doubtless grow.  Say “hi” to HiBooks. 😉

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