The Easiest Way to Quickly Add Writing to Your Lesson You Are Going to See Today

Just flip talking into writing.

Some of the teachers I’m working with are struggling to add writing to their practice. Even though everyone is telling them that writing is important, that students need to be writing more, how to do so was really hard for them.

I have an easy solution we are trying: Just flip discussion into writing.

What do I mean? Let’s say you are asking students to discuss with a partner how they solved a math problem or interpreted a line of a poem. Instead of just having students talk, ask them to have their conversation by writing to each other… back and forth. We even created a handout for teachers to try called Accountable Snaps, which uses the familiar SnapChat messaging screen. It includes a sample rubric as well. Try it and tell me how it goes over on Twitter.

Get the Handout!

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