I Need Your Advice, English Peeps: What Texts Should I Focus On for My Next Big Project?

Really appreciate your input.

For years now, I’ve been slowly bringing to life a vision for bringing computational methods to secondary English classes. I’m finally getting to the point where I’ve framed the work conceptually and created prototypes that I’ve refined based on teacher and student feedback. In the coming months, I will be taking the work to another level. Project codename: Volta.

The next phase is to create a library of dozens of visualizations that chart the frequencies of 2-4 interesting words from literature. (See the example above and below from Shakespeare.) The books should be in the public domain on Project Gutenberg. 

What works of literature and key words would you like to see? What kinds of graphs would be useful in your literature lessons? Tell me and I’ll add them to the project plan. 

THANK YOU for sharing your insights. 

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