Quote in Chalkbeat NY on How NYC Can Up Their Online Learning Game

...before uttering a word about anything.

This quote comes from a thoughtful conversation I had with Chalkbeat NY about the city’s rollout of online learning in the wake of Covid-19. Specifically, it was in response to the city’s prohibition of schools using video conference provider Zoom. Here’s the clip:

Tom Liam Lynch, who runs the website InsideSchools and previously consulted with the city on education technology issues under the Bloomberg administration, applauded the move away from Zoom, given the security concerns.

Still, the disruption to schools demonstrates that the education department has lacked a coherent online education strategy for years, he said, and argues the department should appoint a deputy chancellor of digital learning.

“When you’re the largest school district in the country, all of this needs to be thought through before uttering a word about anything,” Lynch said. “If the city had a clearer digital learning plan, a lot of this heartache would have been avoided.”

Read the entire article by Alex Zimmerman over on Chalkbeat NY.

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